American Brain Foundation – ALSP Article

Kim has been a huge advocate for ALSP and Sisters’ Hope Foundation. This article is a true representation of Kim’s dedication to her family and dedication to find a cure for ALSP. With support from patients and family members like Kim, we will someday find a cure and see the first survivor of ALSP.

~Jeffrey hopes that by sharing his story he can help put a face to ALSP and expand awareness for all people living with brain diseases and disorders. “Jeffrey would first and foremost want to tell you that he’s okay,” says Kim. “But he would also ask you for help—help for others living with ALSP and other brain disorders. He would want you to spread the word so we can find the best treatments and one day a cure, and see the first survivor of ALSP.”

Read the full article published by the American Brain Foundation at ASLP: A Family’s Journey With a Rare Brain Disease – American Brain Foundation.