Bridging the Gap in ALSP Awareness

We are counting down to ALSP Awareness Month!

The importance of March and why it has been chosen as ALSP Awareness Month.

President & Founder, Heidi Edwards chose March as ALSP Awareness Month because it is her birthday month. “My twin sister, Holly and I always started celebrating our birthday on March 1. We celebrated for 31 days. This year I will celebrate my first birthday month without Holly. Holly lost her battle with ALSP on July 20, 2021. I know I am not celebrating alone thanks to all of you and the wonderful support from the ALSP Community.”

Our theme for ALSP Awareness Month is “Bridging the Gap in ALSP Awareness”.

When I see a bridge lit in different colors it provokes a conversation. I search for the meaning, research the location and the cause. A bridge lit in different colors is a chance to start a conversation and the beginning of bridging the gaps in ALSP Awareness. I invite you to talk about ALSP during the month of March and discuss complicated decisions that come with this diagnosis.

Every time I see pink and purple, I think about Heather and Holly and the meaning of those colors.

  • Pink represents love, fun, nurturing and compassion
  • Purple represents comfort
  • Together they are vibrant and represent hope.

There will be 4 bridges lit in pink and purple on March 1 to launch ALSP Awareness Month.

Can you guess what state these bridges are in?