Super Bowl Fundraiser

It’s that time of year again…Superbowl time and our Super Bowl Squares Fundraiser!
Help support SHF by selecting your Super Bowl Squares at
How this works:
1. Follow the link to select as many squares as you would like to purchase. Enter Access Code: 0211
2. Pay $20 per square by using Paypal, Venmo or a credit card on our website (Note: Super Bowl Square).
3. On Super Bowl Sunday sit back, enjoy the game and see who the lucky winner will be.
Winners receive (will be paid using Paypal, Venmo or check):
Q1 – $50
Q2 – $50
Q3 – $100
Q4 – $150
Paying for Super Bowl Square(s):
$20 per square using any of our 3 payment options.
Venmo: Heidi-Edwards-1122
PayPal: @sistershopefoundation
*Payment must be made within 24 hours of selecting your square(s) or your square(s) will be deleted*
Once the Super Bowl squares are all purchased we will generate the numbers along the top and left side and post the completed board.
All proceeds will go to our Hope Fund which provides assistance to patients and their families for medical expenses, supplies, travel expenses to appointment, etc.
Good luck and Thank You for supporting Sisters’ Hope Foundation!


Jan 30 2024 - Feb 11 2024
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