Genetic Testing For ALSP

Why is Genetic Testing for ALSP Important?

The decision to have genetic testing for ALPS is personal, and there are many reasons for or against testing that should be considered. The following information is available to help guide you through your decision.

Availability for Future Treatments

Scientists are interested in learning more about ALSP. They are conducting research to understand ALSP and develop treatments that target the CSF1R mutations, which could lead to the first effective disease-modifying treatment. Knowing if you are a carrier of the CSF1R mutation would enable you to participate in research which could lead to a treatment or a cure.

Eligibility to Participate in Clinical Trials

New therapies for ALSP cannot be developed without clinical trials, and those trials will not succeed unless there are enough people eligible and willing to participate. People with the CSF1R mutation are eligible for our first and only clinical trial available through Vigil Neuroscience for those diagnosed with ALSP.

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Clinical Trials