How To Host a Pink Lemonade Fundraiser for Sisters’ Hope Foundation

Pink Lemonade Fundraiser

A lemonade stand fundraiser works best during the summer months. Hot days equals lots of thirsty supporters!

What you’ll need for your fundraiser:

A lemonade stand fundraiser is a low maintenance fundraising endeavor and allows kids to support their favorite charity like Sisters’ Hope Foundation.

You’ll need a few things to run a successful pink lemonade stand.


You’ll need a table for your fundraiser so have a place to set your pink lemonade, supplies, etc. You may want to add a yellow, pink or purple tablecloth for a “pop” of color.


Here is where you get to be creative. You should include the words Pink Lemonade Fundraiser to support Sisters’ Hope Foundation so your customers know what you are selling and who the money supports. Also, include the cost of a cup of pink lemonade. Make your sign as colorful and bright as you would like. Here is your chance to be creative!


Depending on how fancy you want to go, you can have regular cups available, or spill proof cups with sealed tops to make carrying easier. 

Pink Lemonade:

You’ll of course need pink lemonade for your fundraiser, and you can choose to make this a few ways. If you’re raising money with kids, making the lemonade for your fundraiser could be a fun activity to do with your volunteers! If you make your own lemonade, make sure that you have enough for refills, or have some store bought available just in case. 


Make sure you have a lot of ice at your disposal for your lemonade stand fundraiser, and a place to keep the ice so it doesn’t melt, especially if you’re running your fundraiser in the summer. 


You will want to have a cooler available to store your ice so it doesn’t melt in the hot summer sun.

Money box or Donation jar: 

Have a money box with change available or a donation jar.

Most importantly:

Be creative! Have fun! And enjoy spending time with family and friends!

Be sure to take a lot of pictures and post to social media at:

Facebook: SistersHopeFoundationALSP

Twitter: SistersHopeALSP


Instagram: sistershopefoundationalsp

YouTube: sistershopefoundation