Natural History Study

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ALSP Natural History Study

The main purpose of the study is to learn more about how ALSP occurs and how the disease affects patients over time. Study participants will not receive any investigational drugs as part of this study and will continue their standard of care treatment during the study.

Vigil Neuroscience is developing an investigational drug, VGL101, for the treatment of patients with ALSP. Our goal is that this natural history study will provide information that may help with the development of future treatments for ALSP, including VGL101. Enrollment in this study will not impact participants’ eligibility to enroll in future clinical trials that involve investigational drugs for the treatment of ALSP, such as VGL101.

To participate in this study, individuals will need to meet the following main criteria* 18 years of age or older; Documentation of a gene mutation in the CSF1R gene; Either diagnosed with ALSP or non-symptomatic carrier of a CSF1R gene mutation *There are additional inclusion and exclusion criteria for this study.

 ALSP Natural History Study 


The Myelin Disorders Biorepository Project: 

The Myelin Disorders Biorepository Project (MDBP) seeks to collect and analyze clinical data and biological samples from leukodystrophy patients worldwide to support ongoing and future research projects.

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