Erin Sullivan – Director & Project Manager

Erin Sullivan leads the Patient & Caregiver Support Group meetings for the ALSP Community. She has been an advocate for ALSP since connecting with Sisters’ Hope Foundation when her mother was diagnosed with ALSP. Erin helps raise awareness in her family and community. She is excited to be an advocate for patients and caregivers.

Erin is a graduate of Concordia University, St. Paul with a Bachelors in Theology. She resides in Kerrville, TX with her husband, Josh, and their three children. She homeschools her children, teaches swimming lessons, and volunteers at their church. She enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, kayaking, and swimming. She was honored to help her father as he cared for her mother, and she hopes to use her experience to help other patients and caregivers.

Erin is expanding her role at Sisters’ Hope Foundation as the Project Manager, effective May 2023.

If you are interested in being included as a guest speaker during a Patient or Caregiver Support Group meeting, please contact