Vigil Neuroscience hopes to eventually target ALSP

Vigil Neuroscience hopes to eventually target ALSP

Vigil Neuroscience has revealed the first condition that it will target: a rare, genetic neurodegenerative disorder called ALSP, or adult-onset leukoencephalopathy with axonal spheroids and pigmented glia. The Cambridge, Mass.-based company, which bought the rights to all its current drug candidates from Amgen, also announced a $90 million series
B financing round on Wednesday.

Unveiling Vigil’s first clinical candidate now was entirely a strategic decision, said CEO Ivana Magovčević-Liebisch. Vigil expects to start a Phase 1 safety trial by the end of the year as well as a natural history study — which means generating awareness of the company’s work and the condition itself is a top priority.

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Vigil’s Approach to Patient Engagement

  • Patients and their caregivers are at the center of our work
  • We are engaging and collaborating with patient communities, caregivers, and advocacy groups to understand their needs, to inform our research, and to raise awareness.
  • We strive to alleviate the burden and to improve the lives for those struggling with devastating neurodegenerative diseases.
  • We recognize the urgency and seek to deliver solutions quickly and safely to patients and caregivers impacted by rare microgliopathies for which there are no treatment options available.