A sister is a person like none other, and I was fortunate enough to have two of them. Inherently close, Heather, Holly, and I shared an unbreakable bond born out of loyalty and love. Like all siblings, there were moments when we disagreed, but the strength of our sisterhood always prevailed. I cherish the memories my sisters and I made together and find so much joy and happiness whenever I stop to think about them.

After Heather and Holly both received a HDLS/ALSP diagnosis, we understood that each of our lives were about to go in different directions. Our family journey with HDLS/ALSP took us on a path that oftentimes left us feeling lost and discouraged, but we found support in one another and turned to each other to collectively fight this disease.

Although our time with one another was limited, the legacy my sisters left will last forever. Sisters Hope Foundation was established because Heather, Holly and I have always hoped for a day without HDLS/ALSP, so that no individual has to experience the devastation of this disease anymore. Through our organization, we can honor Heather and Holly’s selfless fight and work toward a future where HDLS/ALSP no longer exists.